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About us

I'm a cat care fanatic.  Your kitty will be pampered and spoiled as if you never left.  Does he or she have a favorite place?  Is it hidden away or in plain sight.  Cats have their preferences, some love attention, others want to be left alone (figuratively speaking!)


You tell us all about your cat and we'll do our best to please the most finicky feline!

If your kitty is shy, we have our ways of ensuring their safety and care while you are not there.


I have a cat few people have seen.  She keeps herself to herself and her 'friends' at paws length.  Our Concierge have managed to keep her fit and fed in my absence.


We work with you to determine your cats favorite places and put meals and treats where they can find them.

Does your Cat have 'special needs'?

I had a cat with diabetes.  He was given 2 insulin injections each day while he was busy eating his meals. 


As a cat owner, I have dealt with any number of Cat-astrophies, from minor scrapes and contusions to hypo-glycemic shock.


No special needs will go without consideration.

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