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While you are out, here's what we can do...


We'll pay a daily visit to kitty.  We feed, water, clean and fill kitty's box.  This is our basic in-home visit once daily for the duration of your vacation or business trip.  Some cats prefer a second visit, with careful attention and affection they are missing in your absence.  The frequency and duration of our stays are dictated by you and/or your cats needs.

cat care in home concierge cat feeding, cat grooming
Favorite spots to eat

Where does your cat like to take meals?  Here's Sky Kitty having a meal on the Kiva's hearth.


This is her second favorite place to eat.  Her first choice is the kitchen countertop.  She likes to monitor all meal preparation, and be the first one served!!


One Visit: $40.00

What I Offer

Does your cat like a daily brushing?

Brushing is all part of our daily visit, it helps with the bonding!

 Happy place to sleep

If your cat needs a little more love and affection...we have plenty to give.  We will spend some time each visit, checking kitty's emotional state and comfort level. 

We know not all cats take kindly to strangers, but some, like our Trigger, make friends with strangers for a scratch behind the ear.


Two Daily Visits: $70.00



What I Can Do for Your Pet

You can call on the Concierge to take away the guilt, and your cat, to the Veterinarian's Office.  Prices on a case by case basis.


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