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We'll pay a daily visit to kitty.  We feed, water, clean and refill kitty's box.  This is our basic in-home visit, once daily for the duration of your vacation or business trip.  Some cats prefer a second visit, with careful attention and affection they are missing in your absence.  The frequency and duration of our stays are dictated by you and your cat's needs.

Once Daily Visit:
Feed, water, clean
and refill cat box.
To create a 'lived in' look for your home, we can:
-Collect mail
-Put out and bring in Garbage and Recycle bins
-Water indoor and outdoor plants
Our focus is Cat care, but we can also look after small
pets as a separate service or in conjunction with Cat
care services:
-Fish feeding
-Birds fed and cages cleaned
-Guinea pigs, rabbits or mice, feed and cage cleaned
For multiple or large cages/aquariums, exotic birds or
fish, a revised fee may apply.


Two Daily Visits:
Feed, water, clean
and refill cat box.  Playtime.
*Fees for daily visits are based on 3 or fewer cats.  Additional fee is $10.00 per kitty each day.

All part of our service.  Sorry, no nail trimming!



Veterinarian visits:  $50.00

Emergency Vet: $100.00





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