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The Cat Concierge provides Conscientious in-home care for cats.  All ages, attitudes and abilities!

Does your kitty love to get in and out of his or her carrier?  Beg you for rides in the car?  Does he/she enjoy meeting other cats?  Does kitty look forward to your vacations?

If you answered No to one or more of these may need a Cat Concierge!

After dozens of years of fighting to deliver an unhappy cat to a boarder for care, I decided to share my love for cats, and my caring ways and created an in-home cat care company. 

Make all your vacations and business trips a little easier on you and your furry friends.

Next time you decide to get away, book a Stay-cation for kitty with the Cat Concierge...

 happy cat at home cat concierge care and feeding, grooming, vet visits, house sitting
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